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What We Do

Meara Woodworking is a joinery shop where we build wood windows and doors. Our main focus is on Historic reproductions, which can range from several sash or storms to a complete order of windows and doors for a single home, or a complete period storefronts to architectural facade elements for your building. As a small shop we manage each project with extreme care and attention to detail. New customers first contact will be with the company Owner who has a lifetime of experience in this field and who will work closely with you to design your millwork which will incorporate the details and features you want. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship starts with a sound engineering plan for the fabrication of the components. Then, with quality materials, precise machining and sound joinery, finished or primer can be applied which will produce a piece of millwork that will be enjoyed for generations. Our products can be ground shipped to any destination in the United States. Our shop does deliveries within 150 miles. We also offer installation in the local area.





We typically work on homes and public buildings which date back to the 1850s which still have their original windows and doors. With proper maintenance, they should last another 150 years. The only downside I have seen with these windows and doors is draft proofing, but with an endless selection of weatherstripping options on the market today, this is a non-issue. Fact: the best insulated exterior door is a solid wood door. Fact: a traditional wood double hung window with single pane glass, true divided light, modern weatherstripping, and a simple sheer curtain which touches the sill is as energy efficient as any off the shelf disposable windows on the market today. Fact: Exterior storms were originally designed to create a calm zone between it and the window. The reduced pressure in this area does reduce drafts around the sash area. So, with today's weatherstripping storms have no function. Fact: With today's roll up fly screens which retract into a concealed pocket in the window head, the original traditional exterior screens are obsolete. There are several window and door manufacturers that produce quality products which are low maintenance and hold up very well over the years. Their price point does align with custom built wood windows. The important thing to understand between a custom mill shop and a production window and door manufacturer, is we build to your exact dimensions. We build individual components, and we also provide identical reproductions of your existing millwork, meaning if a customer only needs two complete windows and several window sashes to match existing windows on their home, we can build identical reproductions. If you need a single door to match existing doors on your property, we do that. Or, if a customer desires to reproduce architectural elements they have seen on another property, we can do that. Or, we can work with the Home owner and suggest the correct historical elements for their home.