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denis o'meara

Hi, I'm Denis O'Meara, owner and operator of Meara Woodworking.  My shop is located in upstate New York.  I am a craftsman with over thirty years experience in the woodworking industry, trained as a cabinet and chair maker.

In 1984, I went on to work in the historical restoration field out of my small custom mill shop in Boston's Back Bay.  I provided reproductions millwork for some of Boston's finest homes.  In the early 1990's, on invitation, I went to San Francisco to work on several restoration projects.  In the mid 1990's, I returned to work in New York City to coordinate and install a period millwork project imported from France.

Over the years, I have installed many imported millwork jobs, as well as my own millwork products, and products from high end mill shops around New York City.  I take great pride in carrying on the old craftsmanship, and I understand the importance of maintaining our historical homes. 

In my opinion throughout the centuries, America has produced some of the soundest and well-balanced examples of architecture.  As a woodworker, my favorite time period would be homes built from the mid 1800's to mid 1900's.  The landscape is littered with many of these treasures.  Whatever their condition, abandoned or restored, they still retain the creator's spirit.  The millwork and moldings on these structures are correct and say a lot about the pride and talent of the Americans that built them.  There have been many changes in the millwork industry since these homes were built.  It is true almost all moldings found in a lumber yard today are copies borrowed from earlier periods of architecture, and what was so attractive about these details was the depth of the profiles.  Unfortunately, this depth has been lost over the years, and the details have become quite soft.  A custom shop is the only place to find a quality molding these days.

I can work with homeowners to provide guidance in the usage of historical moldings and millwork.  All my work can be produced in premium grade woods or paint grade woods.  I can work from samples, drawings or pictures.  No job is too big or too small.